This multi-author blog was created so that Schoolcraft College Students and their friends could

  • discuss films:  contemporary, historical, short films, and so forth
  • post film reviews and analyses
  • write about various aspects of film: directing, acting, photography, writing, and so for
  • consider use of film in the classroom
  • interact with colleagues in courses–and not just film courses
  • react to writing about film through commentary and reviews
  • promote their own or a colleague’s student made film
  • publish scene analyses and short films written for ENG 200 (or other courses)
  • link–with commentary–to films and film reviews available on-line
  • link–with commentary–to great web sites for film enthusiasts
  • discuss films shown by the International Institute or by other groups on campus
  • post annotated bibliographies and other research materials
  • other ideas?

If you would like permission to be a contributor to the blog, please contact Dr. Berg at  Please note that you need not be registered to follow the blog or to comment on postings.

Photo image of F.W. Murnau (1888-1931) director of films including  Nosferatu (1922), Faust (1916), and Tartuffe (1925).


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